Immigrant Know Your Rights Forum Sunday, June 25th: 1pm - 6pm

You do not want to miss this opportunity to hear from immigration attorneys, legal agencies, social service organizations, such as ACLU, Alameda County Social Services (Benefit: Medical, Housing, and Employment), BAJI, chaa, JINA Immigration Legal Services and more. All you need to know about your rights as an immigrant, refugee, asylee, us citizen, illegal immigrants. Attendees will have a chance to receive one-on-one legal advice about your specific case and learn about relevant resources.















































This event is to honor and uplift our community. We will be showcasing the richness and diversity of the Black and African culture through speakers,Arts, food, dance, music, and fashion. We will be collaborating with Black and African businesses to help give them a platform in the community while encouraging people to purchase products and services from them. This event as a whole will unify and bring communities together.